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VIQUA Water Care Solutions (VIQUA) is a company that evolved from a purely for-profit business endeavor into a social business in 2016. It is located in Western Visayas, Philippines. From a company that supplied and installed water treatment equipment, VIQUA took on a more responsive role in terms of providing potable water to the most vulnerable sectors of society. This shift came about when the company’s Primary Founder saw the difficulty of delivering a basic need, specifically water, to people during disasters/calamities.

VIQUA provides equipment that can filter water from varied sources so that water becomes clean, safe, potable at affordable prices. The company and its core management directors constantly innovate, with a focus on the development of indigenous materials that can process turbid and unsafe water so that potable and clean water is made available to all, specially to those who are vulnerable and those who are economically deprived in society.

There is only one thing constant at VIQUA: Innovations, Research and Development and Social Business for the good of the least, the last and the rest of humanity.

Below are VIQUA's innovative products and services.

  • The Compact Mobile Hybrid Powered Water Facility that is meant to provide water during emergencies
  • The Rolling Water Station that is meant to process raw water in far flung communities where the processed water is stored in a water tank owned by community residents.
  • Design and installation of water filter equipment for residential, commercial and industrial use.
  • Establishment of Water Social Business

Prior to any innovation and production of a prototype, VIQUA conducts a series of workshops to a chosen site with on focus on the Theory of Change and Human Centered Design. These activities are undertaken so that the innovation process undergoes user/client inputs to make the product suit the needs of the end user. Pivots are done to come up with a product that is not just affordable, it can also be a vehicle towards the establishment of social businesses in communities where incomes should be augmented.

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State of the Art and Green Technology for Safe, Clean Water During Disasters and Normal Times.

  • Viqua’s Vision

    Sustainable, safe, and affordable water access even in times of disasters and emergencies.

  • Driving and developing innovations in materials and renewable energy technologies for sustainable, safe, and affordable water access even in challenging circumstances.

  • To see communities, enjoy the health and economic benefits of safe, regular and inexpensive access to water.
    Assist in establishing sustainable and profitable social water enterprises.
    Awareness campaigns on proper management of water resources at community sites where Viqua Water Business has been established.

  • Water is a vital right and need of human beings. This basic right serves as the keystone in all of VIQUA’s endeavors. Thus, efforts towards heightening awareness on the need for people from all economic strata to understand that they are part of the solution in the dwindling global water resources. VIQUA’s strategies cross cuts issues and concerns that continue to plague those who are economically deprived and those who belong to vulnerable groups.

    • Advocacy campaigns at the community level on the implementation of the 3Rs – reuse, recycle, resource conservation.
    • Promote the approval of local laws that will push for 3Rs.
    • Promote the use of VIQUA equipment in conjunction with the 3Rs.
    • Strive to produce affordable water filter equipment.
    • Engage with humanitarian aid organizations so that potable water access during emergencies lessen the use of plastic bottles.
    • Engage the youth and other vulnerable groups in the pursuit of a social business in the delivery of potable water and establish a youth movement towards that end.
    • Transfer of business knowledge for sustainability of the water social business.


Products And Services

Compact Mobile Hybrid Powered Water Treatment System (CoMoWTS)

A portable water treatment system powered by a combination of solar PV and conventional electricity sources that immediately provides clean, safe and potable water during calamities.

Rolling Water Station

RWS can treat available fresh water, stream and ground water to potable quality. RWS can be driven to sites/areas to secure safe drinking water in remote areas to provide clean, safe, potable and affordable water.

Design and installation of water filter equipment for residential, commercial and industrial use.

Our products and services are science-based innovations that take into consideration real and factual needs of the global population. Our innovations aim to break the chasm of inequality that has grown in the distribution and availability of water. We believe that even economically disadvantaged groups can procure our systems. Water, a basic right and need, becomes available for all with the systems that we provide.

Product Availability

Product is ready for delivery within 3 weeks upon placement of order and 40% down payment. Shipping cost will be shouldered by buyer through their preferred cargo and local transport providers.

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Our Team

Fidel L. Ramos

Founder / Lead Innovator

A social business advocate who has won two water innovation awards that provides water during emergencies and normal weather conditions.

Engr. Ramon Alguidano, EEE

Co-Innovator Alternative Energy Expert

A professor at the Iloilo Science and Technology University. He manages the Technology Hub of said university and has over 15 years experience in the field of alternative energy.

Fernando Karlo Gavile Jr.

Anthropologist/Sociologist and Social Impact Assessment Specialist

He helps in formulating guidelines so that economically marginalized groups are able to learn how to manage and sustain their social enterprises.

Realyn Ramos

Public Health Specialist

A registered nurse and Public Health Specialist, with more than 6 years experience as a nurse. She is currently actively working at the Municipal Health Office of Banga

Grace Meni

Community Development Specialist

Community Engagement Specialist.

Our Mentors

Antonella Vagliente

Director General

Young Water Solutions (YWS) Based in Brussels, Belgium

Michael Kropak


The International Center for Water Management (CEWAS) Based in Willisau, Switzerland

Tandiwe Erlman

Project Manager, Trainer and Manager of the Start-Up Programme

The International Center for Water Mangement (CEWAS) Based, in Willisau, Switzerland

Angelo Hernan Melencio

Asia Regional Hub's Regional Emergency Preparedness and Response Specialist

Asia Regional Hub's Plan International INC.

Noreen Marian Bautista

Entrepreneur in Residence

Kwadra TBI Iloilo City, Philippines

Michael Anthony Cruz

Project Manager

Plan International Philippines

Our Previous Engagement

Young Water Fellowship




Brgy. Badiangan, Banga, Aklan, Philippines
FabHub ISAT-U , Iloilo City
GTBI-WVSU, Iloilo City


+63 929 718 0759 (Smart)
+63 915 314 3925 (Globe)

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