We provide water treatment systems to ensure safe drinking water during and after calamities.


    Compact Mobile Hybrid Powered Water Treatment System (CoMoWTS)

    Immediately provides clean, safe and potable water during calamities. 

    Rolling Water Station

    Provides clean, safe, potable and affordable water to communities.

    VIQUA is committed to deliver state of the art products in water care solutions that benefit customers while minimizing environmental impact.


    Viqua finalizes the innovation that is crafted based on Human Centered Design in collaboration with the Community of Practice.


    Stage where the innovation sets into motion the final system, the product that will be delivered to the client.


    The product is delivered at the client’s area and installed at the desired site.

    Monitoring AS

    Monitoring and After Sales (M/AS) is done to make sure that the system delivered reaches its full capacity.

    R & D

    Continuously conducts Research and Development to find new ways to make water potable, safe and hygienic.

    Engage the economically disadvantaged groups/sectors: women and men, the elderly, Persons with Disabilities (PWDs), LGBTQAI+, youth – so they can establish a Water Social Business that can help their communities

    Provision of WASH specially to children

    Campaign for the advancement of the 3Rs: Resource conservation, Recycle and Reuse

    Why VIQUA

    Our products are science-based innovations that take into consideration real and factual needs of the global population. Our innovations aim to break the chasm of inequality that has grown in the distribution and availability of water. We believe that even economically disadvantaged groups can procure our systems. Water, a basic right and need, becomes available for all with the systems that we provide.


    Establish a fabrication plant that will manufacture water treatment systems

    Produce water treatment systems that are durable and can withstand wear and tear

    Work with State Universities and private laboratories to set-up a South/Southeast Asian Water Research and Development Institute


    To provide state of the art water treatment systems and/or products that will yield safe, clean, potable and affordable water for everyone.

    Innovate and prototype treatment systems and products that will lessen the stress on natural water resource extraction

    Encourage economically marginalized groups to form Water Social Businesses


    Help the poorest of the poor by giving them jobs, provide quality education to their children, shelter where they can live together, home for the aged and abandoned children. 


    State of the Art and Green Technology for Safe, Clean Water During Disasters and Normal Times.

    With the RWS, potable water costs can go down and the people who operate and maintain the water system can earn additional income from this Social Business.